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Lazarus Men

When you woke up this morning and looked at the standings, you saw the New York Yankees with a 2.5 game lead in the American League East. No small feat since they are 1-9 this season versus their closest pursuer, the Boston Red Sox, and seemed headed for a derailment on that fateful June 9th, […]

In Defense Of Derek Jeter… Again.

Believe me, I know the reality of the situation.  Derek Jeter is a soon to be 37 year old shortstop whose prime years are clearly behind him.  The Grade 1 sprain of his right calf has landed the Yankee shortstop on the Disabled List for the first time since 2003.  It was probably a foregone […]

CC Sabathia: Defender of The Pinstripes

He was already one of the more revered figures in the Yankee Clubhouse. His charitable character is remarked upon in stories like when he had Ivan Nova fitted for suits and then purchased them for him when the young pitcher made it to the big leagues. But on Thursday night, CC Sabathia became more than […]

Unlucky Number Seven

It was all going so well. Too well in fact. CC Sabathia had held the suddenly surging Boston offense to just two hits through six innings. And despite the Yankees offense leaving yet more runners on the basebaths, it seemed that he would make Curtis Granderson’s first inning two-run home run stand up and end […]

Chasing Ghosts

714, 2130, 56, 60, 61, 27 . These are just some of the numbers that are associated with the New York Yankees and the many legendary players that have donned the Pinstripes during the franchises illustrious life in The Bronx. In the coming weeks Derek Jeter will add his own number to the aforementioned list […]