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Yankees Vs. Red Sox Doesn’t Need Your Pageantry

It dates back as far as 1918. It has The Babe, Bill Buckner, and Aaron Boone. It has survived the dead ball era, the live ball era, and the steroid era. It has dramatic story lines like 1978, 2003, and 2004. It is the very definition of what a rivalry is supposed to be about. […]

With The Yankees Playing A Series in Oakland, It’s Time To Revisit "The Flip" Play

It is like Babe Ruth Calling his shot in 1932. Like Carlton Fisk willing the ball fair in 1975. Derek Jeter’s “Flip Play” will not only go down in the annals of Yankees Lore, but Baseball Lore as well. It is the birth of a New York’s heroic postseason comeback in the wake of 9/11. […]

2012 Yankees Have A Little Five O’Clock Lightning In Them As Well

We all know about Murderers’ Row. The’27 Yankees are arguably the greatest team the city of New York and the game of baseball as ever seen. They are the stick by which all team offensive numbers are measured. The 2012 Yankees would certainly make their 1927 counterparts proud, given their home run prowess and best […]

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad (Thanks Meatloaf)

You can’t be too upset with yesterday’s loss. Did they have breakdowns? Yes. But in the overall picture, they did exactly what they should have in this series. They took 2 out of 3 from the second hottest team in the Majors in their own ballpark (if the roles were reversed, I’m sure fans would […]